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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Hineni Magazine, Sound Engineers, A Poem, and the start of 2017:

It was great to bring in 2017 by being featured in this wonderful new literary journal, Hineni Magazine. My work was featured alongside many other marvelous poems by Sheila Black, Octavio Qunitanilla, Ellen McGrath Smith, and so many others.

Check out this rich and gutsy magazine, put together by Jennifer Bartlett.

Here is my poem with (I know) a long cinematic-type title:)  Just click the title and link below:

This poem was partially inspired by watching Wim Wender's "Lisbon Story," with the wonderful Rudiger Vogler playing a frumpy but forever cahrming, somewhat forlorn, sound engineer. He is in Lisbon on the hunt for a screenwriting friend, who has disappeared in enigmatic Wenders style. Phillip Winter (Rudiger's character) is just trying to make a movie, and as he waits in his friend's apartment, hoping he shows up one day, he finds himself falling in love with the city and a singer and recording the sounds of Lisbon in the most off-handed, poetic way.

But I digress. Here is the poem:

The Sound Engineer with his Castanets and Feathered Pillows