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Saturday, October 10, 2015

I had had the pleasure of one of my poems, "Kiss/Hierarchy" being selected by Chuck Sher to be a part of his CD compilation: "Poetry + Jazz: A Musical Marriage," which was recently released by the Sher Music Company. My poem (originally written in the solitude of my study) has been set to amazing Jazz music by Gene Ammons and recited by the overly-talented Cory Bihr. It's somewhat other-worldly to see a work of yours transformed by another artist and medium. All the film noir, smokey-throated undertones of my poem are brought to life in this wonderful rendition. There are other "magical" marriages between poetry and jazz on this CD as well. Stephen Dunn makes an appearance, Rainer Maira Rilke (his poetry, that is), and other poets and musicians. To buy a copy of this CD or listen to a few sample tracks, follow this link:

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